Independent Producers Make it Happen 

Canada’s independent producers help bring stories to life through the production of compelling content. Working in film, television, and breaking boundaries across a host of new digital platforms, independent producers – in companies of all shapes and sizes – create stories on screen that represent all Canadians and reflect the diverse and varied voices that make up this great land.

What does an independent producer do?

First and foremost, independent producers are cultural entrepreneurs. We are the risk takers who start with a spark – an idea, a concept, or a story – and work with creative talent and our broadcasting and distribution partners to build it into a full-form narrative to be told on screen.

But we do much more than just invest in development. Independent producers pitch shows and line up necessary financing from multiple broadcasters, distributors and other financiers. We hire writers, directors, cast and crew. We navigate and apply complex labour agreements, search Canada and the world for the best locations, strategize about how to market our content to audiences both at home and abroad, and bring the finished product to those international markets. 

Fostering Talent

One of the most important jobs of every independent producer is to identify, nurture and showcase creative talent – and Canadian talent first and foremost. Screenwriters, directors, actors and crew all play a crucially important role in developing world-class content. Independent producers understand that we need to hire and develop Canadian talent, because we know that it’s through the development of talent that great content ultimately gets made. 

A Natural Resource

The work of Canada’s independent producers not only celebrates our diverse culture and promotes a cohesive national identity, it also provides economic opportunity. And like other natural resources, we generate billions in economic activity every year and create good, high-paying jobs. The media production sector promotes prosperity right across the country.





Canadian TV and film
production volume:
$7.1 billion



Gross domestic product generated:
$8.9 billion


Canadian TV and film
export value:
$3.2 billion



Full-time equivalent
jobs created:



SOURCE: CMPA (2015) Profile 2015: Economic Report on the Screen-based Media Production Industry in Canada.