Below you’ll find a brief summary of the twelve recommendations we put forward in our report to Canadian Heritage. We invite you to download the full submission to review our policy proposals in full detail. 


Recommendation 1: 

Launch a “Brand Canada” Discoverability Strategy to increase domestic and global awareness of, and demand for, made-in-Canada screen content. 

In other words...

Make sure audiences in Canada and around the world know about all the phenomenal content we produce.

Recommendation 2: 

Modernize the federal policy framework by requiring contributions from all services and platforms that benefit from being part of the Canadian system, including Over-The-Top (OTT) services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

In other words...

If a company benefits from the Canadian system, it should contribute to it. 

Recommendation 3: 

Expand the definition of Canadian content to include new Canadian elements, and, at the same time, explore introducing additional financial incentives within the tax credit system to maximize the use of Canadian creative talent.

In other words...

The more “Canadian” a production, the more public funding that should be made available for that project.

Recommendation 4: 

Expand the range of triggers for public financing from the Canada Media Fund, Telefilm Canada and the CPTC, to any platform accessible to Canadians. At the same time ensure that only companies that make a mandated contribution to the creation and presentation of made-in-Canada content are able to access these funds.

In other words...

Access to financing should be available for all producers who create content that can be viewed by Canadian audiences, regardless of whether it’s through a traditional TV channel.

Recommendation 5: 

Relieve the heavy administrative burden on producers by enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system, and reducing duplication by the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office, Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund.  

In other words...

Reduce red tape so independent producers can spend the majority of time and budgets creating killer content, not filling out duplicative forms.

Recommendation 6: 

Create a Screen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund, in strategic partnership with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), tailored to the unique needs of Canada’s media content entrepreneurs. 

In other words...

Support innovation among independent producers, so we can continue to develop new processes, technologies and business models that will benefit the entire country. 

Recommendation 7: 

Develop strategic partnerships between Heritage and other Ministries such as ISED, the Ministry of Small Business, and the Ministry of International Trade to further the development of business and innovation in Canada’s content sector.

In other words...

Help independent producers reach our full innovative potential and share our advances with sectors beyond the screen-based entertainment industries.

Recommendation 8: 

Ensure that appropriate safeguards are implemented by all federal organizations to ensure a fair and equitable playing field in Canada in the negotiation of rights to made-in-Canada content. 

In other words...

Give independent producers control over our financial future so we can bring the next hit series to the screen.

Recommendation 9: 

Undertake a distinct and separate review of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and its founding legislation to position CBC as a globally respected commissioner of distinctly Canadian, innovative and risk-taking content. 

In other words...

Determine how the CBC can become the leading destination for Canadians seeking to access the phenomenal content we produce.

Recommendation 10: 

Require the CBC to help strengthen the independent production sector in Canada by entering into a Terms of Trade agreement with independent producers. 

In other words...

The CBC’s relationship with independent producers should act as a best-in-class model for all other broadcasters in Canada.

Recommendation 11: 

Work in collaboration with industry stakeholders, including other levels of government and provincial agencies, to develop and implement a concerted national export strategy for Canadian screen-based content.

In other words...

Help independent producers sell our content globally with on-the-ground support in international markets.  

Recommendation 12: 

Offer new fiscal incentives for attracting third party private investment and production financing.

In other words...

Promote public-private partnerships so independent producers and private investors can work together to grow our sector, and create outstanding content.